Bluff Master Moral Stories, personalized story English books for kids

Bluff Master Moral Stories, personalized story English books for kids

And check this out, Your Highness. This necklace is the best and the most beautiful. Wow. It is so beautiful and attractive. Your Highness, have a look. See. See. This necklace is made from the most exquisite diamonds. It’s shine never goes away. Is it? –

Yes. This shine lasts for years. I got this especially for the queen. I really like this necklace. I want to keep it. – Sure. I have some jewellery for you too, Your Highness. Is it? This diamond ring. And gold bracelet. This diamond ring is made from the most precious diamond. As per astrologer, if you wear it you’ll be healthy. Is it? Nice. It is very pretty. – Yes. Gentleman, you have made me really happy today. You are such a good judge. I heard your praise from King Vikram Singh… ..

the king of our Sundar Nagari. I see. I am also really pleased to see that you know can value a person’s worth. Here’s your reward. Thank you. Thank you. Wow, Damodar. You are too good. You have such knowledge. I’m really impressed. Guru, today Damodar is going to get something for sure. Guru, when will you get something? Keep quiet, Chapadganju. Don’t chew on my brains. I am fasting today. – Fasting. I will trouble Damodar in such a way… …

that he’ll not be able to even talk again. What? He will not be able to talk. – Yes. Are you going to cut his tongue? Keep quiet. Or I will cut your tongue with my sword right now. Got it? And here’s Damodar’s reward. Priceless gold bracelet. I bought it from trader of Sundar Nagari. Accept it, Damodar. Yes, Your Highness. Thank you. Suvarna, the king was really impressed with me today. What happened? The king asked me a few questions today. I answered all of them correctly. – Is it? The king was really impressed. And gave me this precious gold reward. Is it? Let me see. But its shine is a little different from that of gold. It is priceless. It is not ordinary gold. Check carefully.

This bracelet is not made of gold. The metal used here is ordinary. My eyes can never be wrong. – What? Is it not priceless gold? – No. Looks like this trader has rooked the king. I’ll have to meet the king. Guru. Look. Damodar is heading for the king’s palace. Come on. Let’s stop him and have some fun with him. No. You fool, stop. Why is Damodar going to the king this early in the morning? Something’s up for sure. Come on. Let’s follow him. Your Highness, look. – What? My necklace has gone completely black. Has gone black? – Yes. Yes. Even my blue diamond ring broke. The pearl necklace just had the shine of the pearls. Actually they were not pearls. What? – Yes. This means the trader has rooked us completely. Yes. Greetings, Your Highness. Greetings, Her Majesty. Damodar, you? What’s the matter? I beg your pardon. But the thing is the gold bracelet you gave me as reward… …

it is not real. It is a fake. I couldn’t have said this in the court. So I came here. You are right, Damodar. That trader turned out to be a conman. Guru, the king is speaking very softly. Can’t hear what he is saying. Quiet. Why are you talking loudly? Keep quiet. This is what I also wanted to say. I came here to tell you just this. I see. That conman must be punished. We must do something. Yes, Damodar. I’m also thinking the same. I feel we’ll have to send a message… …

to His Highness Vikram Singh, the king of Sundar Nagari. Yes. We must contact him as soon as possible. Your Highness, I’m here from Sundar Nagari on king Vikram Singh’s behalf. Is it? He has sent me with this message. With your permission I would like to read it. Message from Vikram Singh? Read. Greetings, my friend His Highness Golgappa. Greetings. A trader of gems and jewellery was here… …from your kingdom yesterday. He showed me various necklaces and gems… …which included the Nakshatra necklace… …blue diamond ring and other such precious things. I was really pleased to see a trader from your kingdom. But my gold merchant told that all this was fake. By then that conman must have ran away… …

to your enemy kingdom Sultani Nagar. As per our spies he is a big conman of the Sultani kingdom. Beware. Any don’t do any such business with him. If you find that conman send him to me. I’ll reward anyone who catches him with 1,00,000 gold coins. Your friend, king Vikram Singh. Oh my. So this is it. Sultani Nagari’s conman. He rooked king Vikram Singh too. You see, Damodar. – Yes, Your Highness. You may leave.

Thank king Vikram Singh on my behalf. Yes, Your Highness. Your Highness, this conman seems to be a very smart. We must get him. Yes. But how, Damodar Shastri? Your Highness, I have an idea. Guru, what is he going to do now? We must do something before he does. It must be him. Okay. Let me find out. Listen. – Yes? Is this the way to king Golgappa’s palace? I want to see him urgently. Urgently? – Yes. Why? What’s so urgent? I have something special and expensive for him. I have to give it. What on earth do you have? Why should I tell you? Don’t tell if you don’t wish to. But keep one thing in mind. I’m the king’s right hand man.

What? King Golgappa’s right hand man. Yes. – My bad, sir. Pardon me. I have a special horse for the king. Horse? – Yes. What’s special about it? Listen carefully. This is no ordinary horse. It has the Almighty’s boon. What? – Yes. You will not believe me. But he defecates gold only. What rubbish. – Believe me. How is that even possible? I told you. You won’t believe me. If you feed him grass he gives you a kilo of gold a day approximately. No. I can’t believe. Okay. Then see for yourself. I’ll feed him grass right now. You collect gold from his backside. Sure. Come on. Here. Eat. Eat. And give me gold. Gold. Gold. So you see. Isn’t it gold scat? Yes. It is real gold. Why are you selling such an invaluable horse? Look, he is invaluable for sure. But thieves and robbers pose a threat to me due to him. If I sell him to the king he’ll be safe… …

and even my problem will be solved. This fool thinks it’s a problem. I will not let such a precious thing go. May I tell something? – Sure. The king will never buy this horse. Why? This horse could put the entire kingdom in jeopardy. So where do I go now? I came here with high hopes. Don’t worry. If you have to sell it then I’ll take this horse. What? You? I’ll not sell this horse for any less than 3,00,000 gold coins. What? 3,00,000 gold coins. I cheated the king Vikram Singh out of 1,00,000 gold coins. And also king Golgappa out of 1,00,000 gold coins. So that makes it 2,00,000 gold coins in total. And I could have 50,000 gold coins more with me. I have 2,50,000 gold coins only. I can give you 50,000 gold coins later.

Okay. Since you are taking it, I accept the deal. But I want the 2,50,000 gold coins right now. Sure. Why not? I’ll give right away. But I want to see it once again. Sure. Why not? So feed the horse and collect the gold from the backside. Here. Eat. Eat. Disgusting. This is actual scat. Where is the gold? What? There is no gold? You are a sinner. I’ll have to purge you. Only then this horse defecate gold. What? – I have the holy water. If I sprinkle it on you, all your sins could be washed away. So come here tomorrow with all your gold coins. I’ll get the holy water. Fine. Alright then. Come on. Out with my 2,50,000 gold coins. Yes. Sure. Here’s 1,00,000. Here’s another 1,00,000. And here’s some 30,000. What? You said…

Yes. Yes. But this is all I have. Okay. Give me all the ornaments you have. This ring. This necklace and this… Okay. Okay. Here. Take this as well. And sprinkle the holy water on me. Sure. You gave me the ornaments. Now take off your clothes too. What? Clothes too? So what? You are the king’s right hand man. There’s nothing you lack. Here. Sprinkle the holy water now. I will. But you will have to accept all your sins. Only then can you be purged. God knows what he’s up to. Come on. Accept quickly. I sold fake jewellery and conned king Vikram Singh. Similarly I conned king Golgappa too. Before them I conned four merchants. How did they get here? We are from here, mister. Where have you come from? Who are you? I’m king Golgappa’s chief judge Damodar Shastri. And this is king Golgappa. Hang him right now. No. No. Why should we let go of the reward we will be getting… …

from king Vikram Singh? We’ll send him to Vikram Singh. And get the reward too. I’m proud of you. All hail the supremely intelligent Damodar Shastri. All hail the supremely intelligent Damodar Shastri. O dear parrot, get started. Pay me first. Mister, this parrot is quite knowledgeable. But he is really greedy. You have to pay a fees first. Okay. Place five gold coins in front of him. Don’t you have gold coins? Okay. I’ll make do with it. Here’s your horoscope. Oh no. Wow. Wow. Saturn is unfavourable. The north node is against you. Venus is not favourable. Mercury is too. Sir, you are the priest. Not him. Tell in simple words what his future is. Look over there. Astrologer with a parrot. Come. Let’s go ask him my future. Why? Why yours only? Why not mine? Looking at you, it doesn’t seem like you have a future. Quiet. I will keep quiet. But will the parrot keep quiet? He’ll tell the truth no matter what.

Come with me quietly. Or I’ll whack you. Why are you ruining my present for your future? Come on. You talk a lot. Welcome. Welcome. Yes. We are arriving. Your Highness, this is Kashi’s priest Tulsidas. He is a really great astrologer. Greetings. And my introduction? This is Totaram. He too is here with Tulsidas. Greetings, Your Highness. Priest Tulsidas is no ordinary astrologer. Yes. He is really learned. Rubbish. Actually we have to struggle. Keep quiet. – Give me some guava first. I got Tulsidas here especially for you, Your Highness. Great. So predict my future, priest Tulsidas. I am really curious. Damodar Shastri. Damodar Shastri, what is going on? Vinay, let’s watch this circus first. Come on, my dear parrot, get started. Predict the king’s future. Your job is done. But where is my fees? Keep quiet. Your Highness.

Your Highness. Your Highness. Mercury, Venus and Saturn. You are blessed with a long life. Moon, Mars and the lunar south node will be watching over you. Great. Your Highness, your future is a really bright one. You have taken great efforts for your subjects till date. Your kingdom is prosperous thanks to your deeds. You can read people. Yes. That’s right. Yes. And? And you are going to be famous all over the world. Your son will only enhance your name. What are you saying? Pull out a card for him too. Totaram, pull out a card for the prince. Yes. The prince.

The prince. The prince. Wow. Like father like son. It is mentioned that he’ll have problems with his voice during childhood. But in the future he’ll be known by his melodious voice. Looks like he is going to be a singer. Singer. “My heart is pounding and my body is out of control.” This is what I want. This is what’s going to happen. He is the priest of Kashi. Tulsidas, whatever you predicted is spot on. I’m really impressed by you. Give him 100 gold coins as a reward. 100 gold coins. Guru… –

Your Highness. Why not we find out the future of the other ministers too? Yes. It is very important for us to know that as well. Yes. So let’s start with Vinay? Yes. Yes. Sure. Totaram, pull out a card. Wow, Vinay. You are blessed with politeness just your name. You are really loyal. You are sincere towards your work. You are going to reap great rewards for your good deeds. Great. Even I wasn’t aware of that. Predict Damodar Shastri’s future too. Even I am really curious about his future.. Sure. If this is what the king also wants then…

Here’s his card. He is really weird. He’s over the top at times and really sober at other times. What happened? What lies in my future say? What are you trying to say? Damodar Shastri is blessed with abundant intelligence. His brain is one in a million. His cleverness, intelligence and.. ..

the fondness for justice has saved many lives. Yes. Lots of people have got a new life. Yes. That’s right. Yes. But what’s weird in it? I’m really sad to say but I will have to tell. What is it? Damodar, Mars and Jupiter are unfavourable for you. The kingdom has benefited from you till date. But this is not possible hereafter. Yes. In fact, the kingdom and the king.. ..Golpappa will suffer a major damage because of you. What are you saying? Tulsidas, what are you actually trying to say? Well, I am not saying anything. Your future says so. Some planets are going to turn against you. You’re done for this lifetime. Damodar, you’re certain to die now. What? How is this possible? That’s why I am saying. I have never come across such a weird future. If Damodar Shastri stays alive… ,..

Your life will be in danger, Your Highness. And even your subjects are going to in deep trouble. Really? If you want to avoid it then Damodar will have to die. Now what do I tell? Someone will have to lose his life. What is this? How is this possible? Hold on. Hold on. Your Highness, don’t worry. If the entire kingdom and you are going to benefit from my death.. ..

then I would like to die. What are you saying? No. Your Highness, don’t stop him. Don’t stop him. – But… Look, we need you very badly. If you… Yes. The commander-in-chief is absolutely right. All the subjects need you. Yes. Don’t worry, Damodar Shastri. We will built a memorial in your memory. Right? Yes. We’ll even garland it every day. And distribute sweets all over the kingdom on your birthday. Don’t worry at all. We have it all covered. Right? Yes. We got it covered. There is no doubt that only bad is going to happen if… No. No. The kingdom is going to only benefit from my death. I am ready to die. Okay. If you say… 

Eventually all will be well. I hope so. Soldiers, come on. Make arrangements for the hanging. Your Highness, I have a request. Sure. Give two days for me to die. Two days. – Yes. So that I can wrap up some of my house and court work. Will do. There is no harm in giving him two days. Okay. Sure, Damodar Shastri. Take your life after two days. Thank you, Your Highness. Tie the rope securely. So that Damodar Shastri has no trouble during the hanging. Yes. And also increase the height of the hanging pole. So that people who are far away.. ..can also witness Damodar Shastri’s death. Yes. Damodar, do you have any last words? Wow. Dying in this fashion is a good thing. At least a wish of yours gets fulfilled. I have been wishing to fly since long. Stop your nonsense. Before dying, I want to know the commander-in-chief.. ..

and Chapadganju’s future too. Their future too is important for our kingdom. Right, commander-in-chief? Sure. Why not? So Tulsidas, pull out cards for me and the commander-in-chief. Commander-in-chief. Here’s the commander-in-chief’s card. And here’s Chapadganju’s. Oh my God. The commander-in-chief’s future is horrible. What? Even his future is really bad. What is it? What are you saying, Tulsidas? At least tell what our future is. –

Yes. Tulsidas, read. Read entirely. What’s written on their tarot cards? Your Highness, you must hang them both today itself. Them being alive poses a threat to the existence of the entire kingdom. If they stay alive both you and I will die. What? What kind of people do I have in my court? Your Highness, Tulsidas is a lair. He is no learned priest. He is an ordinary astrologer from the neighbouring kingdom. Don’t beat me. Beat him. Beat him some more. Some more. What? Don’t beat me. What? Is that it? I imagined I would get to see some fun. I have such bad luck. Your Highness, it’s not my fault. I am an ordinary astrologer. These two called me to the court.. ..

to get Damodar removed from the court. What? – No. You did that? No. Hang them right now. No. – No. Hanging? No. No. I don’t want to see you in the heavens. This has happened because of you. We are done for. We are sorry. Well done, Damodar. You are intelligent alright. But how did you expose them? Your Highness, firstly I don’t believe in such predictions. The position of the planets and stuff is beyond my comprehension. When he predicted my future, I got suspicious. When I followed Tulsidas he went to the commander’s house. I watched secretly. The commander gave him gold coins. And my suspicion was confirmed. After that I used my brains and replaced.. ..all the tarot cards which were all bad. So that the future of the commander.. ..and Chapadganju also comes out bad. We are doomed. Great. Well done, Damodar Shastri. All hail Damodar Shastri.

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