Friend friend No More – Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

‘There was a village called Rampur.’ ‘Two farmers called Madhu and Ganesh lived in that village.’ ‘Madho was a physically strong man.’ ‘And Ganesh was a weak and thin man.’ ‘Madhu and Ganesh both were thick friends.’ ‘One day early morning both left for Laxmanpur.. 

Friend friend No More - Moral Stories For Kids In English Books


a neighbouring village to buy farming instruments. ‘ ‘On the way, Ganesh who was naughty felt like making fun of Madhu.’ ‘He told Madhu.’ You’re carrying swords, knife or at least a nail with you, aren’t you? ‘The simpleton Madhu said.’ No, Ganesh. But why do we need it? ‘Ganesh said making fun of him.’ If we bump into a tiger on the way you’ll at least have the satisfaction.. ..

that you died fighting it. Why are you making fun of me? Are you going to stay alive if that same tiger comes before you? ‘Ganesh said excitedly.’ I might be thin. But I’m not weak. I’m a hunter by birth. By birth. I got a tiger’s leg from this jungle last week. ‘Madhu said in amazement.’ What are you saying? You’re really brave. But instead of the leg, why didn’t you get its head? It would’ve at least enhanced the look of your house. How could I get its head? Someone had already taken it. ‘Seeing that Ganesh is making fun of him..’ ‘..

even Madhu thought of making fun of him.’ ‘He said to Ganesh.’ This is nothing. Just the day before. I came face to face with four tigers. But none of them dared to touch me. What? You came face to face with four tigers. But none of them did anything at all. Why was that so? ‘Madhu said concealing his laughter.’ I was watching a circus then. ‘Now when Ganesh understood that Madhu.. ‘ ‘..

was making fun of him he said.’ Madhu, now you’ve started making fun of me. Isn’t it? I was joking around to kill time. Madhu said seriously. Ganesh, jokes apart. Think well. What if we actually come face to face with an animal? Don’t worry so much. I’m there. I’ll fight with that animal. And save you. ‘Madhu breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing what Ganesh said. What you said has given me such assurance. You need to be fortunate to have a friend like you. ‘Madhu and Ganesh kept going chatting away.’ ‘While walking Ganesh said to Madhu suddenly.’ Madhu, can you climb trees? ‘

Madhu said calmly.’ No. But why? ‘Ganesh said immediately.’ You don’t know to climb trees. Then run away. Look, a bear is coming this way. ‘Saying that Ganesh climbed up a tree.’ ‘And Madhav was shell shocked. ‘ ‘He tried to climb the tree somehow.’ ‘But he just couldn’t climb the tree.’ ‘He finally gave up and said to Ganesh.’ Ganesh, grab my hand and pull me up the tree. Madhu, if you pull up the tree the tree will break. So run away quickly. ‘When he understood that Ganesh is not going to help..’ ‘..

Madhu got an idea.’ ‘A bear never eats a dead person. ‘ ‘So I’m better of playing dead here.’ ‘Let’s see what happens.’ ‘As it is, I won’t be able to outrun the bear.’ ‘Thinking so, Madhu lied down calmly under that tree.’ ‘Ganesh didn’t understand why Madhu was doing so.’ ‘And when he saw the bear getting closer.. ‘ ‘..

he couldn’t even think of anything.’ ‘Madhu realised that the bear had come really close.’ ‘Madhu stopped breathing.’ ‘The bear came close to the tree.’ ‘And it looked here and there.’ ‘On the tree, Ganesh hid himself behind a branch.’ ‘And then the bear saw Madhu. ‘ ‘It went close to him.’ ‘And started smelling Madhu’s body.’ ‘It smelled his legs, stomach, hands, face, ears. All the parts.’ ‘

Madhu wasn’t breathing at all.’ ‘So the bear thought that he was dead. ‘ ‘And the bear left. ‘ ‘And then Madhu got up and he took a deep breathe.’ ‘Ganesh who was shocked to see all this climbed down the tree.’ ‘And he asked Madhu. ‘ So Madhu, what did the bear whisper in your ear? ‘Ganesh must have seen the bear smelling his ears only.’ ‘And that’s why Ganesh might have thought that.. ..the bear whispered something in his ears.’ ‘Madhu understood this thing.’ ‘And he took advantage of the situation and with the intention..’ ‘..

of teaching Ganesh a lesson, Madhu said.’ Ganesh, the bear whispered a motto in my ear. ‘To this, Ganesh said.’ What motto? ‘Madhu said.’ The bear said. Only a friend in need is a friend indeed. So you go that way. And I’ll go this way. ‘To this, Ganesh said.’ But there are lots of animals that way. ‘Madhu retorted.’ It’s okay. Never mind. Those animals are better than a disloyal friend like you. ‘To that Madhu said angrily.’ Okay. Okay. You go this way. And I’ll go that way. ‘And Ganesh and Madhu went in different directions.’ ‘You saw, friends.’ ‘A friend who follows the path of dishonesty and evil.. ..

evil always meets a bad end.’ There was a merchant. He was very clever. Due to business many kind of people would come to meet him. Greetings, sir. Yes. Greetings. Come. Come. Do you know how the grain market will be this time? What do I tell you? – What? This year there was heavy rainfall. – Yes. Due to which there is abundance of grains. It’s good, sir. What good? – What? Due to abundance of grains, you don’t get a good price. That’s why profit is also less. If there is shortage of grains, profit is more. Great, sir! Great! Okay. Give me 10 sacks of wheat. – Okay. Okay. Hello, sir. – Come. Hello. This time there was heavy rainfall. Yes. So? No. You see, due to heavy rainfall the crops suffered a lot of damage. 

What are you saying? Of course. This year there is a shortage of grains. That’s why I am telling you. Purchase grains on a large scale. If it becomes costly, you will have to suffer a loss. Right? I will do one thing. – What? Every time I buy four sacks from you. – Yes. This time I will buy ten sacks. – Great, sir! Great! Thus the merchant understood how to face a situation. Once the merchant was going to the neighboring village to buy grains. Suddenly it started raining. ‘Oh God!’ ‘Come on. I will take shelter under the tree.’ ‘Yes. I will leave once it stops raining.’ ‘It’s become dark.’ ‘But I will have to go to the neighboring village.’ ‘Fine. I will see whatever happens. I will go.’ On the way robbers caught the merchant. Hey! Quietly give us all the wealth you have. But… 

We will leave you. – Listen to me. Hurry up. – Yes. Shall I show you? – But… The merchant thought for a moment and told the robbers.. Look. I am not alone. I have 12 friends. What? – 12? Yes. And if they come here, think what will happen of you people. Leave from here quietly. Run. Hey! Don’t try to dupe us. What are 12-13 people doing so late at night? Do you think I am roaming alone in the forest? We are 12 of us. Help! Help! Help! Let’s go from here. What will happen if his 12 friends come? Come on. – Yes. Come on. He has given him a hard beating. If his 12 friends will come, then we will be doomed. Come on. Run. Run. Stop. Stop. I will show you. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Thus the merchant escaped from the robbers. He went to the neighboring village. 

He bought grains and returned home. And then he told his wife everything. His wife said.. Listen. But you were alone, right? Yes. So why did you tell the robbers that you have 12 friends with you? There were 12 friends with me. Yes. But who? Who were those 12 friends? You tell me. But you…you were alone. – Yes. So 12 friends? Leave it. You tell me. I will tell you. I will tell you. Look. My two hands. – Yes. My two feet. – Yes. Two eyes. And four sticks in the sack. All these make 10 friends. – Yes. Yes. Yes. Your friends. Yes. Fine. I understood. But these are 10. Where are the other 2 friends? One friend is my willpower. – Yes. And the other friend meaning my strength. – Yes. Great! If I didn’t have these two friends with me.. ..I wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Yes. Yes. You are so clever. I am proud of being your wife.

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