Happy Man Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

‘There was a large kingdom.’ ‘It was ruled by a king.’ ‘The king had everything in life.’ ‘He had all the luxuries in life.’ ‘He had all the happiness in life.’ ‘But he did not have one thing.’ ‘He would be always restless.’ ‘He would be sad.’ ‘He would spend sleepless nights.’ ‘He found no peace during the day.’ ‘He was fed up of his life.’ ‘One day, he was taking a tour of his kingdom.’ ‘He saw an ascetic on the way.’ Alakh Niranjan. Alakh Niranjan. Alakh Niranjan. Greetings, sage. Sir. 

I am the king of this kingdom. I have a problem. I will be grateful to you if you can solve it. Yes, what is your problem? Sir, I have everything in life. So? – But I don’t have peace of mind or satisfaction. I feel sad all the time. I need to get rid of the sadness. That’s all? It is quite easy. But how? – I will tell you. Listen to me. Find a very happy person in your kingdom. Borrow his shirt.. ..and wear it to bed one night. And then you will never be sad. As you wish. I will get the shirt of the happy person today. Guards. Check all houses in the kingdom. Find the happiest person. And bring him to me. Go! – Yes, Your Highness. ‘According to the king’s orders, the guards went to every house..’ ‘..

to find the happiest person.’ Sir. Sir? Sir, may I come in? The king has sent us. Come in. What do you want from me? Sir, the king is looking for a happy person. Are you happy in life? Happy? Me? My wife got fed up of chronic cough and died six months back. Take it easy, sir. – I have a son. He curses me all the time. His wife joins him too. It’s as if they will never get old. I have a grandson. He is too young. When he grows up, he will be like his parents. Isn’t that right? Yes. – You are right. Now tell me. – We are leaving. – How can I be happy? Yes, you are right. Okay. We are leaving. Are you leaving? I thought you are the king’s men. You will help a poor guy like me. But you are leaving. Sir, the one the king is looking for.. ..

is not you. What? I know. I know. So you are the king’s men? Go. – Take care, sir. You would better leave. ‘Then the guards went to the next house.’ Are you happy? Look at this. I have a boil on my back. If it is cured before I die.. ..I will be very happy. Let’s see. If it is cured, I will come over myself. But I am not happy at this moment. Farmer friend, are you happy? Me? Happy? – Yes. I am happy. Are you happy? Yes, but if my kids get on the right track.. ..

I won’t be worried at all. But I am happy anyway. Are you happy? – Yes. I am happy. But once I buy gold jewellery for my wife.. ..I won’t be worried at all. – I see. The wall of my house is cracked. Once I rebuild it.. ..I will definitely be happy. I am happy. I will be happy. – What? That is fine. We’ll come back when everything in your life is all right. Well, you can only see that I am rich. You don’t see the hard work I put behind it. Earning money is no easy job. Becoming rich doesn’t mean I am happy. These poor people are happy. They borrow money from me and fail to repay. Okay, fine. We take your leave. ‘The guards went door-to-door looking for happy person..’ ‘..

but they did not find such a person.’ ‘Disappointed, they started toward the palace.’ ‘That’s when they saw a beggar whistling happily.’ Don’t you have any sorrow? What? – You are whistling away happily. I don’t have any sorrow. I am happy. Are you happy? – Yes. Let’s go to the king. Come on. To the king? Let’s go. – Yes, come on. Your Highness, we searched the entire kingdom. We found just one happy man. What? Great! Amazing! You have done something great. Your Highness, why am I brought here? I want your shirt for tonight. Give it to me. I will give you money. Money? – I will return the shirt as well. Shirt? Your Highness, I don’t have a shirt. What? You don’t have a shirt? He doesn’t have a shirt. – He doesn’t wear a shirt. I don’t, Your Highness. I don’t have a shirt. And yet you are happy? I have nothing, let alone a shirt. I am a beggar. I eat what I get, I sleep where I find a place. And yet you are happy? Well, Your Highness.. 

I don’t wish to be rich, nor do I want anything. I wish neither happiness, nor luxuries. I don’t rue over the life I have got. So I am happy. I don’t have a shirt. ‘The beggar’s words made the king realise one thing.’ ‘Too much happiness brings sorrow.’ ‘The king realised that.’ ‘The king gave the beggar money and felicitated him.’ ‘And he thanked the ascetic..’ ‘..

for helping him see reason.’ Boatman, are you ready to leave? Yes. Why not? What’s the news today? Please pardon me. I can’t read and write. I don’t read newspapers. It’s so unfortunate that you can’t read and write. You’ve spent one-fourth of your life in illiteracy. I hope you can at least see time. No. I just know that when the sun rises it’s day.. ..and its evening when the sun sets. This is the height of ignorance. What about television? I hope you watch television. Television? It’s a waste of money. Neither can I afford it nor do I’ve time to watch it. You’ve wasted three-fourth of your life. Do you know that our country is in miserable state.. ..

because of this kind of ignorance? You should get educated. You should become aware. Mister, can you swim? No, I can’t swim. Then your entire life is wasted. I’m going.

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