Jennifer Lopez reveals her impeccable abs as she dances NAKED in a forest for In The Morning Video

And Jennifer Lopez knew exactly how to hit her mark as she revealed her beautiful abs while dancing naked in the woods in her new In In Morning Video.

Jennifer Lopez reveals her impeccable abs as she dances NAKED in a forest for In The Morning Pics

The 51-year-old singer showed off her good looks as she wandered around naked in a three-minute clip shown to Triller.

Lopez defended his modesty with his hands as he stood in a dark spot in the woods while tying up his latest beat.

Her caramel-colored tresses are split in half and worn short on her shoulders with large wings attached to her back.

J-Lo, known as a fitness enthusiast, has shown the fruits of his labor with strong abdominal muscles and biceps muscles.

In another scene, the Waiting for Tonight watch illuminated her hourglass curves with a white bandage, a look created by style writer Rob Zangardi.

The delicate gold crystals are placed close to her eyes and accentuate her already bright complexion.

Another scene showed Lopez lying on the floor wearing a cordless dress adorned with diamonds.

In a video clip shared earlier this week, J-Lo talked about the visual effects associated with his latest track.

‘This song is about finding someone who will treat you right,’ he said in a loud voice. ‘There’s a lot of metaphors in the video.’

‘The girl falls into a relationship, and she drowns in this water so she grows a tail of moisture. Slowly, he begins to raise his wings, so that he can move away from the relationship. ‘

In a shared post on Instagram, Jennifer wrote that the video was about ‘dark, one-sided relationships and knowing you can’t change someone… you can change yourself !!!’

‘Raise your wings and go to anyone or anything that doesn’t really value everything you have to offer.’

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