Magical Diamond Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

Magical Diamond Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

Those days were so good. And now, my eyes have become weak. There is no business too. Due to which I have lost all my workers. I am left alone here. What would happen of me? (Sighs) (Laughs) I think it has finally stopped raining. Wonderful. Clever Birbal can help me get out of this unpleasant situation. Yes. I know he will certainly help me. (Laughs) Stop. What work do you have from my master, sir? Well.. 

Actually, it’s a personal matter. (Chuckles) Chandilal. Tell me. How are you? It’s been a long time. Where were you? Hello, sir. Don’t get up. Remain seated. Tell me. What can I do for you? (Music) (Claps) Yes. Now listen to me carefully. You will have to do whatever I tell you. Yes, sir. – Come here. Bring a sugar cube for me. Yes. As you say. What are you going to do, sir? Just watch what is happening, Chandilal. You don’t have to worry. Carve this sugar cube in such a way.. ..that it appears like a diamond. If you do it properly, I assure you that.. will get a handsome earning. (Chuckles) Sir, I will carve it perfectly. Once it’s done, nobody will be able to say that.. ..

the diamond was craved from an ordinary sugar cube. (Chuckles) Thank you, sir. Thank you. God bless you. (Chuckles) Okay. Okay. Chandilal, it’s okay. Just do the work properly. Greetings, Your Highness. He is Chandilal, a jeweler. He has brought a precious diamond. Only you can understand the value of its craftsmanship. Yes. Fine. Give it to me. I will ponder over it later. Right now I am a little busy. Yes, Your Highness. (Clouds rumbling) (Clouds rumbling) (Sighs) I think it’s going to rain heavily. As it is, it was very hot today. (Sighs) I am feeling so fresh. Amazing. Great! It’s amazing! (Sighs) Oh Lord! Wonder where it’s gone. Listen. Everybody stop your work. I have lost a diamond. I want all of you to find it. 

Abdul, check the pockets of my clothes. Before it’s sent to the laundry. Go. Sir, we searched everywhere. But the diamond was nowhere to be found. What do we do now, sir? Tell us. Oh Lord! What do I do now? What is your opinion about the diamond, Your Highness? Amazing! Amazing craftsmanship. Thank you. Thank you, Your Highness. I had put all my efforts to carve the diamond. Although now my eyesight has become weak. If I get even 20000 gold coins, I will be assured.. ..that I have got its true worth. 20000. Impossible. No. It’s too high. I can’t give you 20000 gold coins for that. Your Highness, if you can’t pay me the price I quoted.. ..

then please return my diamond. I will sell it to such a King who will gladly pay me 20000 gold coins. (Laughs) Well…don’t be so rigid, my friend. Such a beautiful diamond deserves 20000 gold coins. Cashier, pay him the money. Yes. Thank you. O kind and generous King. May you live for a thousand years! (Laughs) Wasn’t business good, Bhushan Raj? Yes. I wish I could say that, my friend. ‘Diwali’ (Festival) is approaching. And I am facing shortage of money. You know, don’t you? Buying gifts. Giving feast to friends and relatives. Okay. Swaraj, can you give me some.. ..I mean, about 1000 gold coins? I will return it next month. (Chuckles) Bhushan, you know. You can come to me whenever you want. If you want anything. Okay? And yes, I will certainly lend you 1000 gold coins. ‘After one week.’ Come, my friend. Tell me. What can I do for you? Well…

how are you? You see, I…I have come for my money. Which I had lent to you. Can I get it? Yes. That money? Why not? Can I return it tomorrow? You see, my friend, the amount is ready. But I forgot to bring it with me. I will return it tomorrow. Don’t worry, my friend. Yes. Fine, Bhushan. Tomorrow is fine. I will leave. – Okay. Look, I don’t have time. Come later. Bhushan, I am asking you for the last time. Will you return my money? Do whatever you want. I won’t return your money. Get lost. What? Fine. Now I have only one option. I will inform the King about this. Yes. Go. Do whatever you want. I am not afraid. Go. Fine. I will see you. Each canister contains 20 kg clarified butter. Take it home. Assess the quality of clarified butter. And fix its price. (Sniffs) (Gasps) (Gasps) Bhushan, the quantity of clarified butter is quite less. I think it is 2 kg less. Yes, sir. It reduced when I heated it. Is that so? Fine. I will check other clarified butter canisters.. ..

and decide whether the same thing has happened. I want to take your leave for some time, Your Highness. I remembered something urgent. I will go to your office and be back soon. Go. Go to Bhushan’s house. And tell his son to bring the gold coin here. Which his father had given to him from the clarified butter canister. Okay. (Gasps) How are you, Gopal? Do you have any gold coin which your father gave you? Yes, sir. I have the gold coin. What? You have only one gold coin? Only one? Where are the other five which were in the canister? The canister had only one and not five coins. I am speaking the truth, sir. If you can cheat me for one gold coin.. ..

it’s obvious that you can cheat Swaraj for 1000 gold coins. Yes. Yes. I know I did this. I accept my mistake. Forgive me. Bhushan, I will return your money soon. And I seek your friendship again. Here, sir. Everybody makes mistake. Some people repeat their mistakes. But wise people learn from it. I hope you are not from the latter category. Yes. Yes, sir. Thank you for making me realize my mistake. Thanks a lot. Learn from your son, Bhushan. So quickly and honestly he accepted that.. ..he got the gold coin from the canister. (Sobbing) Stop crying. Go home and manage your business. Yes. Yes. Goodbye

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