Purple Peacock Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

Purple Peacock Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

A king called Suryabhaan ruled there. He was a great and brave king. This king was fond of collecting new and weird things. The king wouldn’t care about money when it came to this hobby. The courtiers in his court were well aware of this hobby of the king. They would use this hobby of the king to their advantage. And they would bring something weird and unique thing to the king.

And would take hefty reward in return. All hail the king. King. – Yes. Look at this. A portrait of red peacock. I have ordered it from Madhya Pradesh especially for you. Red peacocks like this are found only in Madhya Pradesh. Wow. Extremely beautiful. This gift of yours has pleased me no end. What is the price of this portrait? Your Highness.

I had to spend 50,000 rupees to get this unique portrait. What? 50,000 rupees? Yes, Your Highness. I thought this expenditure is nothing compared to your hobby. You are right. – Yes. Such a unique portrait must be in my library. – Yes. Chaturan, give him 50,000 rupees. – Yes, Your Highness. Chaturan, the minister of king Suryabhan was extremely clever. He had his doubts about this red peacock. He didn’t believe that such a peacock existed at all. Then he called his servant. Look, from today you have keep watch on courtier Bheemkai. What he does? Where he goes? And whom he meets? I want this information within two days. Got it? Go. Listen carefully, painter. If you tell anyone about this then I will not leave you. Got it? And here’s a thousand rupees… ..

for the portrait of the red peacock you made. And leave this place tomorrow itself. Never to return. Got it? The courtier left after threatening the painter. Bheema came back and told this to Chaturan. Chaturan got hold of that painter that very night.. …and brought him to this house. And he made him make portraits of purple, green, yellow peacocks. ..

and of various other colours. And he entered the court the next day with those portraits. I have got some unique portraits for you. Really. Show me. Very nice. Purple and green peacocks. Which region do they belong to? And what is the price of this portrait? Your Highness, they belong to the region of imagination. And only the painter who has made this portrait can tell its price. Call that painter. Upon seeing all this, king Suryabhan realised his mistake. He understood that Chaturan had staged this drama to open his eyes. He gave the painter an appropriate reward. 

Your Highness. Your Highness, I’m sorry. I lied to you out of the greed for money. Have mercy on me. Guards, put him in the dungeon. And deposit all this wealth in the royal treasury. No. No. – Come on. Take him away. Take him out of my sight. Your Highness, forgive me. Your Highness, forgive me. The sun has long set on the horizon of the west. But still I have not found any prey. Rani always looks at me with surprise. Even if I get her rabbits. There are some crispy prawns over there. I might get something this time Oh no. Even the sun has set. It’s time to go home. And to listen to my wife’s cribbing. We have been waiting since long.

The kids are starving. They are feeling dizzy. Okay. Now don’t waste time. What prey have you got today? I guess some juicy deer, right? What do I tell her? It’s been days since I tore into some deer flesh. What do I tell you? I tried really hard. But I was unable to find any prey today. What? Nothing. Not even fish. Why did we wait all this while? I expected you to get something in the afternoon itself. Why did I trust you? Alright. I’ll somehow manage it today But only God knows how. But this should not happen tomorrow. Remember that. Got it? Hurry up. Hurry up. 

You only understand the harsh language. All of you have become lazy and have started working slowly. Listen, you won’t get any lunch from today. You’ll start working faster if you are hungry. Of course. But it doesn’t apply to him. If he gets any fatter he won’t be able to see even his feet. But if the monkeys’ lose weight they’ll become almost invisible. You fool. You thought you’re the king and you can work as you please. I’ll have to teach you a lesson with this whip. Now don’t try to save yourself with such antics. Get up and go. No. Don’t treat us like that. You can’t do that. Shut up. I had told beforehand you that you’ll do your job sincerely. That will take time if you dampen my spirit by beating me. Stop. What problem do you have in life.. ..

due to which you are committing suicide? Please tell me. I might be able to help you. Now no one can help me. I have grown old and can’t hunt. But I can’t go home empty handed today again. I rather die than face my Rani’s fury. I can’t help you with the hunt. But I can get the fruits and vegetables… … found in this jungle for you every day. Trust me. You can deed them to your family and protect them. Your friendship has moved me to tears. You are so selfless. You’re the only noble creature in this selfish world. You have come to my aid at a time when I was weak. This is really great. How do I thank you? What am I seeing in your hands? Mangoes. Carrots. Apples. Have you come to the wrong house? I can understand your surprise. But before saying listen to what I say. Even today was as bad as yesterday. I couldn’t find any prey. So when I was trying to hang myself a kind monkey.. ..came there and explained to me that he’ll get.. ..

me as many fruits and vegetables he can find every day.. ..with which I can at least satiate your everyday hunger. So are we going to be pure vegetarians from today? So be it. Something’s better than nothing. Okay, my friend. Tell me something about your family? My wife is nice only when she is happy. Because she is not able to remain happy for long. We have six children. All of them are naughty. They never show it. But they have immense love and respect for me. Where is your house? I have not seen it on the bank. I live on the other side of the river. A little before the rabbit. I’ve always wanted to travel underwater. But you know I cannot swim. So I always sit on the tree on the banks and look at things. 

So what should I do? Will you take me underwater once? – Sure, my dear friend. You will be overjoyed. I’ll carry you on my back to lots of lovely places. You’ll show a world you must have never seen before this. Come on, kids. You’ll have to sleep now. Your sleeping time is long past. You didn’t even eat properly today. What’s the matter? We have been trying to tell that since evening. We are fed up of the fruits and vegetables. We can’t eat any more of it. We want meat. We want meat. We want meat. We want meat. You guys calm down before our neighbours wake up. You know your father has grown too old for hunting. His friend the monkey gives him the fruits and vegetables… …

he brings for us. We understand, mother. But why don’t we kill his friend the monkey? He’s a monkey after all. If not him some other monkey will help him. What you said has got me thinking. But your father will never agree to this. I’ll have to find some other way of inviting that monkey to our house. But now all of you go to sleep immediately. Listen, I have been feeling very ill for a while now. Take good care of the kids if something happens to me. What? What happened? Did you see the doctor? Yes. He said I’ll survive only if I eat a monkey’s liver. Oh God! What are we going to do now? Don’t worry about me. I’m just worried for my kids. But I don’t want to lose you. But we have no other choice. Let me think as to what I can do. 

That monkey friend of yours might be able to help us. But this can happen only if he shows some wisdom. Yes. You are right. He’ll definitely do that for me. Very well. Don’t tell him anything till you take him to the middle of the waters. Otherwise he won’t be ready. I’ll trick my friend only for you. Tell him that I’ve invited him for a meal. Bring him soon. Good morning, my dear friend. Good morning to you too, my friend. You seem to be very happy today. Is it anything special? My wife wants to thank you for what you’ve done for us. She has invited you over for a meal. Yes. I’ll like coming to your house and meeting your family. I’m sorry. There’s some bad news for you. What happened? My sister is gravely ill. And the doctor has said that she can be cured.. ..

only if she eats a monkey’s liver. So I used this trick to take you. I see. So this is it. I will like helping you and your family. I was sure you would say that. But why didn’t you tell me on the bank? I always keep my liver on the tree while going out. You are very kind, my friend. Monkeys always keep their livers on the tree. So take me back. I’ll surely give it to you. I am safe now. You fool. Can anyone remove a part of his body and still stay alive? I came up with this idea to save my life. And I succeeded, you fool. How can you trick me? I am your friend. You call yourself my friend. But for me you are your family are cheats. You agreed to your wife killing me despite being my friend. Understand the meaning of friendship first and then talk about it. Now just get lost. 

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