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My young friends. Let us go to Kilbil forest today. Several kinds of beasts and birds inhabit this forest. Oh no. Don’t be scared. Nobody lives in this forest now. Because there is drought in the forest of Kilbil. That’s why all beasts and birds have.. .

moved to other forests in search of water. So now you will ask why do we need to go to the forest. But friends, today we are going to meet Mr. Crow. Look, Mr. Crow is so relaxed even in this drought. Because only Mr. Crow has water in the entire forest. Actually Mr. Crow is very smart and well behaved. That’s why he is careful with every drop of water. And have also collected it. Right, Mr. Crow? But now Mr. Crow now had the solve the question.. to how to use the water now. Look. Look. He is lost in thought. If I make lemonade out of this water and.. ..

sell it in the forest of Kilbil then I will become rich fast. Then I will get more water and prepare and sell more lemonade. Soon I will become the richest crow in the forest of Kilbil. I will be able to save a lot of money. Mr. Crow. Stop. Don’t build such castles in the air. That money is not real. Don’t be so angry. And the crows of Kilbil will attack you.. ..

if they see so much money. What will you do then? Goodness. The crows have really arrived. Mr. Crow. Get ready. Save yourself. What is this? Mr. Crow is fighting. Kicking and punching. Throwing everyone around. Down and below. Beat them. Oh no. All the water has split. Sorry. Don’t be so angry. One should cut one’s coat according to one’s cloth. You are bound to incur loss if you get lost in dreams. Now don’t continue to be angry. Think. Look for water. Water. Did you see how clever and hardworking Mr. Crow is? And look he is so lucky. He saw money down far below in an empty vessel.

Come on, Mr. Crow. Go down fast and have water. What happened? Let me see. Oh no. The water is deep down. And you are thirsty. Right? So why are you so calm? You are so smart and wise. Find a way out. Wow, what an idea, Mr. Crow. Let’s have some water now. Oh no. this idea won’t work. Wow! That’s more like it. Well done. Hey. You will fall down. This idea won’t suit either. Think of something else. Think. Think. Think. Got it? Tell me, what are you doing? You have flown away when we asked to find a way out. What have you got? Pebbles? Why are you putting them in the water? The water will get dirty, right? What? Let me see. What an idea! The water climbed up when the pebbles were put in. What’s that? The water is rising as Mr. Crow.. ..

is putting in one pebble after another. This is called smartness. So did you see friends? If one uses one’s wisdom anything can become possible. Okay, Mr. crow. Have this water, Mr. Crow. And quench your thirst. Poor Mr. Crow. Mr. Crow, one can benefit from one’s smartness.. ..

if it is used at the right time at the right place. Bye. Tata. My young friends, come. I will take you on a trip to the forest of Kilbil again. What are you thinking about? Oh. Oh no. This time all the creatures are in the forest. But I am going to introduce you to the crane.. ..

who lives near the lake. Look. That is Mr. Crane. What impression. What a strict personality. But now he has grown old. The poor one is tired. Right? He cannot work like before now. And he is also not that excitable. So how will he hunt? But he was very hardworking.. ..

and active during his youth. Yes he used to hunt for fishes and crabs. Yes, I will show you. Look at that. Yes. But those days are gone now. Let’s go and see if we can find something to eat. In spite of being tired Mr. Crane still hunts well. See for yourself. Oh. This is his new style. He has changed the traditional style of fishing. I think the fish has arrived. Don’t look on so suspiciously. It does happen sometimes. Mr. Crane. Look out. Nowadays even the crabs are making fun of you. Think over it otherwise you will die of hunger. Did you find any solution? No, right? That’s fine. Hey! Wow. Did you find an idea? What is this? He seems to be in deep meditation. Hey old man! Why so serious today? Aren’t you going out to hunt today? No, son crab. I am not going to hunt ever again. Then who will we bother? What is there to say? My astrologer friend said that Kilbil.. ..

is going to have drought again. And it won’t rain for 5-10 years. And then how will you live? I don’t care about myself. I will fly and go to another lake. But what will happen to you? How will you go? I am feeling sad thinking about it. What? What are you saying? Drought again! And for 10 years. Goodness. Mr. Crane, help us. Show us a way out. So it is. But you will have to agree to it. You tell me. I will tell all the aquatic animals. Everyone will agree. Will that be okay? Then listen. Look, there is a lake a little place away from here. There is a lot of water there. I can take you there.

But you will have to ride on my back till there. What? Ride on your back? I knew it. You don’t even trust me. That’s why I was sitting here sadly. So die happily. I am leaving. Stop. Stop. Everyone will agree. But first tell me whom you will take first. ‘First I will eat the fish then I will take this crab too.’ Yes! First these fishes. The poor things are very small. Otherwise the poor things will die. So first I will take them. Okay. Goodness! Kids did you see Mr. Crane’s face? But kids, Mr.

Crane was not helping the fish. He took take them far and eat them up. After 2-3 days of this he approached the crab. When he saw the crab he thought. ‘I am sick of having fishes since so many days’. ‘So let me have this crab today.’ Son crab, I will take you now. Mr. Crane, the aquatic animals of this lake.. ..are all indebted to you. So come, we will hurry now. So kids did you see how cunning Mr. Crane was? He is now planning to eat the crab. He comes near his home with him. But when the smart crab so the bones of the dead fish.. ..

he understood the situation. Mr. Crane, move slowly. I will fall down. If you don’t have a problem than may I hold your neck? Mr. Crane was about feast on the crab so he said. Oh yes. Hold on. There is no problem. The crab grabbed the opportunity and.. ..

caught hold of the crane’s neck. So old man. You sly person. You have eaten all the fishes in the name of helping. Now I will teach you a good lesson. So did you see kids? Greed is fine but too much greed is bad. This invites troubles. As you sow so shall you reap.

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