the one who is powerful gets every thing Moral Stories For Kids In English

the one who is powerful gets every thing Moral Stories For Kids In English

There was a milkman who lived in a village. He had lots of buffaloes. He would take great care of his buffaloes. He would sell their milk in different villages. He was very honest. He never added water to milk like other milkmen. Therefore the villagers preferred to buy milk from him. The number of his customers multiplied. He started running short of milk. Sometimes he was unable to deliver milk to all his customers. Uncle, will I get half liter of milk? Son, I don’t have any milk left. It has finished. The milkman decided to buy one more buffalo.. ..

to fulfill the requirement of all his customers. He took money and went out to buy a buffalo. After reaching the buffalo shed he said.. Brother, I want to buy a buffalo. Which buffalo would you like to buy? You can buy that buffalo. The milkman observed the buffaloes minutely. He chose a big black buffalo. I want to buy this buffalo. You’re very smart. You chose the buffalo that gives 6-7 liters of milk daily. Really? 

This buffalo gives milk twice in a day. You’ll earn a lot of profit if you buy this buffalo. Great! He paid for the buffalo and went away with the buffalo. He had to pass through the forest to reach home. Suddenly a thief appeared before the milkman. The thief had a stick in his hand. The thief said.. Give me the buffalo or I’ll break your head with the stick. The milkman thought for a while and then said.. Okay, brother. Take the buffalo. You’re a fool. You got scared and gave me your buffalo. The thief was about to go away happily with the buffalo.. ..when the milkman said.. 

You’ve taken my buffalo. Please give me your stick. How can I go home empty handed? The thief thought he would give his stick to him. You’re very stupid. Take the stick. Get lost. As soon as the milkman got the stick.. ..the milkman threatened him with the stick and said. Give me my buffalo or I’ll break your head with this stick. The thief realized his foolishness. Here is your buffalo. Give my stick back to me. C’mon get lost from here or I’ll thrash you badly with this stick and.. ..take you to the police station. The thief got scared and ran away. The milkman happily returned home with the buffalo. A farmer lived with his wife and infant daughter in a small hut in a village. One day when the farmer was returning home.. ..

he found a baby mongoose under a tree. The farmer brought him home. Listen to me. Look who has come home. From where did you get him? He was sitting quietly under a tree in the farm. I thought that we’ll keep him as pet. Have you forgotten that we’ve an infant at home? Where will we keep it? Will it be able to stay with us? It’s a baby mongoose. Shower him with your love and affection the way you love your daughter. Teach him good things. He’ll play with our daughter and enjoy with her. He’ll stay in the small room outside. Okay. As you wish. 

The mongoose started living with them. The mongoose was growing up. The baby had also become close to him. They would play together. One day when the farmer went out to work his wife told the mongoose.. Gopu, I’ve kept my daughter in the cradle.. ..and I’m going to fetch water from the river. Take care of her. She went out to fetch water. The mongoose started taking care of the baby. He was playing with her. A snake entered the house at that time. As soon as the mongoose spotted the snake, he attacked the snake. As soon as the snake moved towards the baby.. ..

the mongoose jumped on him. And finally he killed the snake. The farmer’s wife returned home with water at that time. She saw the mongoose’s face smeared with blood. The farmer’s wife was scared to see him. She thought that the mongoose had killed her daughter. Without a second thought she started scolding the mongoose. She also hit him with a stick. The mongoose gestured her to go inside the room. But, she didn’t listen to the mongoose. She threw the mongoose out of the house. When she went inside she found the baby happily playing in the cradle. 

There was a dead snake lying next to her. The farmer’s wife realized her mistake. She threw out the mongoose without a second thought. She also hit him badly. She immediately rushed outside. Gopu! Gopu! Please come back. I’ve made a mistake. But, the mongoose had already left. The wife regretted her mistake. When the farmer came home and heard everything he became sad. Few days passed. It was monsoon season. The farmer and his friends were worried about.. ..tackling the snakes in this season. While working in the field in the afternoon.. ..the farmer found a dead snake in the corner of his field. The farmer and his wife missed Gopu, the mongoose a lot. They would feel sad whenever they missed him. One day the farmer was returning home in the afternoon.. ..

when he heard weird sounds coming from behind the bush. He stopped at a distance and tried to guess what was happening. He suddenly spotted a mongoose who had killed a snake. The mongoose reminded him of Gopu. The farmer started crying. Gopu! Hey Gopu! Are you my lost child? Come to me. The mongoose was happy to hear his voice and went and hugged him. The mongoose was actually Gopu. He hugged the farmer tightly. Please forgive us, my son. Your mother misses you a lot. The farmer’s wife was very happy to see Gopu. Few days ago the dead snake in the field was actually killed by Gopu. He killed one more snake today. Though he was away from us he was honestly doing his job. Thanks a lot, Gopu. Forgive me. Don’t go away from us. We’re a family. The baby girl was happy to see Gopu. Gopu was also very happy. They started living happily. A farmer named Raghav lived in a village. He was very poor. Sometimes his family wouldn’t even get two square meals a day. He would remain sad. He would think that someday his fortunes would change.. .

and he would live happily with his family. One day Raghav was sitting depressed in his farmland.. ..when an elderly uncle was passing by. Son, what happened? Why are you so depressed? Who are you? Forget about me. Why are you so sad and depressed? Can I help you? Please tell me. Poverty is the reason of all my sorrows. I toil hard but I’m always short of money. How will I educate and feed my children? The uncle took out a hen from his basket. Take this. This hen will help you get rid of your poverty. How? Will my sufferings reduce if I take care of this hen? Son, this is not an ordinary hen. It’s a magical hen. It’ll give you a golden egg every day. But, remember that the day your greed increases.. ..

your hard times will start once again. Raghav was elated. He went home with the hen. The hen laid a golden egg every day. He would sell the egg to a goldsmith.. ..and buy household necessities with the money. He gradually became rich. He was very happy. He could easily meet all the expenses of his family. He had lots of money. He bought a big house with the money. He hired many servants. He bought a big land for farming and cattle rearing. One day Raghav and his wife thought that.. ..the hen laid only one egg every day.. ..

but it must have lots of eggs inside its stomach. Raghav had forgotten the warning of the aged man. They decided to take out all the eggs from its stomach.. that they could become very rich overnight. Raghav went and brought the hen that laid golden egg. He killed the hen. But to his surprise there was nothing inside the hen’s stomach. The hen was dead. Raghav realized that he won’t get the golden egg.. ..that he got every day. They were shattered and depressed. At that moment he remembered the old man’s warning. He realized his mistake but it was already late

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