Widows capital Moral Stories For Kids In English Books

An unfortunate woman called Sandhya used to live in Akbar’s kingdom. Her husband had passed away 6 months ago. Before dying he had taken care of all his wife’s needs. One day in the afternoon Sandhya was talking to her friend Chanda.. ..

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in the drawing room of her house. I feel alone since Jaggu has passed away. You are right, Sandhya. It is hard to live without your darling husband. I think that we should got to holy places like.. ..Haridwar and Rishikesh. This will put our minds at peace. And also lead us to have a change in scenery. This is a very good idea, Sandhya. Let me also ask Hiralal. Good idea. I am sure that our trip will be very happy. But…

 What happened, Sandhya? I have a little money and jewelry in my house. If you and Hiralal come with me.. ..then with whom will I entrust them on? That’s true. What do we do now? I know a sage who lives in the temple. Since he is a sage, he will have no attraction towards wealth. If we request him than he can take care.. ..of our wealth for a few days. Right? Yes, that is right. We will go and meet that sage tomorrow morning. And we will also visit the temple. Sandhya, aren’t you coming to the temple for a visit? No, I will first handover this bundle to the sage.. ..

and then pay homage. Okay. Be careful. Bye. In the name of Lord Shiva. In the name of Lord Shiva. In the name of Lord Shiva. Who is it? Sir, I am Sandhya. I want to talk to you. Yes. What is it? Sage, I have got some money and jewelry. And I am going for a pilgrimage for a few days. It will be a huge favor if you keep this bundle.. 

safe with you for a few days. Dear, I don’t even touch money. You can hide that bundle anywhere in this hut. And take it back after you have returned. There is no need to worry. Thank you. See you. (Birds chirping) Greetings, sage. Bless you. How are you? Who are you? I am Sandhya. Do you remember I kept my money bag with you.. .

before I went for my pilgrimage. Look dear. It is a sin for me to even think about money. I don’t know anything about your wealth. But sir, you asked me to hide it here. If that is the case then find for yourself. And take it if you can find it. I can’t even talk much about money. (Music) Okay, so this is the case. Then listen to me calmly and adhere to my directions. Come with me to that sage. And hide behind a tree. A place from where you can see me and the sage properly. Come to the hut when I will greet him the second time. Okay? – Yes, sir. (Horse Hooves clopping) Greetings, sage. I am going abroad. I need your blessings. Bless you. I have to tell you another thing. In reality it will be wrong to tell you about it. Still I need your help. How can I help you, dear? I am feeling very embarrassed. Sorry, but it is a matter of money.. ..

which is useless for you, right? You are right. But I forgive you. Tell me now. I have got a few jewels. But I am going abroad. I need to keep them in some safe place. But I don’t know where to keep them. Dear, you might know that I am not at all interested in money. You can keep your jewels in my hut. And you can take them when you will return. They will be well protected here. No one will touch them. Thank you, sage. ‘Goodness, this is Sandhya.’ ‘Because of her I will have to lose my jewels.’ ‘So it would be better if I return her the wealth.’ ‘Otherwise I will lose these jewels too.’ Dear, did you find your bundle of money? Did you look for it in that corner? You might find it there. Sir, the person whom you were going abroad to meet.. ..

has come here himself to meet you. Thank you, sage. Because of your blessings I won’t have to go abroad now. And I don’t even need to keep these jewels here now. Thank you. Sir, I am very thankful to you. ‘Day by day, Birbal is becoming popular is Akbar’s court.’ ‘Other courtiers are unable to tolerate his progress.’ ‘All the time they were making efforts to humiliate him.’ ‘It is not that the emperor is unaware of these things..’ ‘..

but he is not paying attention to these things.’ ‘He has full confidence in Birbal’s capabilities, and one day..’ Your Majesty, some ministers want to meet you. Ministers? All the ministers attend the court. What problem has come up to force them to come here? I don’t know but they want to talk to you about something important. Okay, send them in. Okay, Your Majesty. Your Majesty. –

Tell me. What is it? We meet in the court every day. Yes, Your Majesty, but some things cannot be said openly in the court. What are the things which cannot be said openly? Your Majesty, we have come to you with a request. Sure, tell me. What is the matter? Why are you prompting each other? Your Majesty, the thing is that.. Do tell me. I will tell you. Everybody knows that you have full trust on Birbal. Of course. We too have no doubt about his capabilities. Tell me clearly what the matter is. Your Majesty, ever since Birbal has entered your court.. ..

we have lost significance. Yes, Your Majesty. Birbal is surely smart and intelligent. That doesn’t mean that all of us are illiterate. No, no, it is not so. Your Majesty, please give us an opportunity to serve you. That is our request. Your Majesty, we will try our best to please you with our work. Yes, it is true that you too should get an opportunity. Okay, it will be decided tomorrow.. ..

but for that you will have to pass a test. Our test? Does His Majesty really doubt our capabilities? No, no, it is not so. All of you are capable and that is why you are my courtiers. But this is a different matter. We had admitted Birbal only after testing him similarly. Fine. As His Majesty wishes. Whoever passes this test will become my political adviser. Do you agree? Yes, we agree. Fine. I will take this test tomorrow.. ..

in the presence of the full court. In the court? Yes. Why? Do you have any objection? No, no, Your Majesty, what objection? But.. Shouldn’t others also see your capabilities? Right? Yes. As Your Majesty wishes. So we will meet tomorrow in the presence of the full court. Gentlemen, today I am going to conduct a special test in the court. All of you will be the witness to this test. All of you know about Birbal’s capabilities. But because of his smartness and intelligence.. ..have clouded my vision. I realised yesterday that there are people in my court.. ..

who are smarter than Birbal. Today I am giving them an opportunity to display their capability. Whoever passes this test will become my political adviser. But Your Majesty, who is the one whom you want to test? Your Majesty. Ministers, the test is very simple. Shall we start? Yes, Your Majesty. Ministers, I have taken off my outer shirt. The test is, you have to cover me up with this shirt.. ..

from head to toe. (Gasps) Your Majesty, how is it possible? This shirt can reach only up to Your Majesty’s knees. Minister, this is a test. You have to think about how to do it. We will try. Certainly. What is going on, Your Majesty? Come, Birbal. You were the only one missing. I am taking their test. What kind of test? I am to be covered from head to toe with this shirt. Whoever accomplishes this task will be my political adviser. Your Majesty, we are unable to do it. I had already said that this is impossible. In the court of emperor Akbar, a task may be difficult.. ..

but not impossible, okay, minister? Yes, but still.. Have all of you given up? Well, Birbal, on this occasion I will test you also. Can you do this? Yes, I will try. Your Majesty, can you please pull up your knees? Wonderful. (Chuckles) Did you see, ministers? It was a simple thing. You couldn’t do that also. That is the difference between you and Birbal. Your Majesty, please forgive us. Your Majesty, we won’t do this mistake again. Birbal, you too please forgive us. We tried to demean you. Minister, we do not become great by demeaning.. ..or praising someone else. For that it is very important to have confidence in one’s own capabilities.

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